if you let it thru

a rat fits thru your paper thin heart

and cuts open gray on deeper gray

you left a scarf on the floor

and now it has become a nest

for what’s eating you inside

and that falling apart human

won’t stop his forced entry

and thru the stares you see

evil or is it insanity? you see

and feel his pain his curse

and it beckons you

carbon based

tunnels offer

rhythm in our lost bodies

our headless minds

a view

smoke stacks stick

into our sky obscene

gestures to god

humanity within

That man sees beyond
this passing train as he holds
his son's restless hand 
fingering for tomorrow.
A moment we sit
in, staring in,
thru ruins, pounded gray 
pavement, crumbled red
brick, black
canyons children cannot escape
from unless in death. 
That man's eyes, no less
darker than the altered 
ground from which his boy
will grow,
are blind to mine
as I see myself standing
in his place
amidst a decayed city
grasping onto the limb
of an invisible sapling.

candle light come this way

 remember breathing?

        those fields circumscribed

                      by asphalt and headless cages

      remind me of how your bones
curve in now years after


I won't throw away this memory

         so easily like all the others do

I promise           please come back

         in pictures instead of words