Heatwave Poems


a setting

any place

where humans interact

people speak

translate thoughts

invoke knowledge

or visions and we interpret

how individuals

will keep eyes


describe the feeling

that’s what we’re here

for saying things

whether it has meaning

or not

it matters

the energy in our bodies

has the ability to stay

awhile if only we construct

ideas and will them

into existence

time breaths taken

when memory

fucks with us

walk through a park

but not leisurely

do we find comfort

in remaining still

are there ways not to notice

the mechanics of staying alive

let’s use the machine

to find our way home

do the dishes

i feel like a nightmare ̶

scooped peas out of a stained sink

w/ fingers all chewed up

terror phantasmic skull cave-in

the kind of feeling that’s like a premonition

i’ve done this thousands of times

worked menial mechanized organic motions

thru spacing ̶ being there

not being there

thoughts that could make good poems

but thoughts aren’t that easy

the trick is poetry

and feeling like a nightmare

every once in awhile

doesn’t hurt

Two Poems