With Nothingness

I am content

with nothingness.

I feel like all of these recent thoughts

of breakthroughs are misleading.

Every once in awhile a Taoist outlook is healthy.

I should probably eat

soon though. My fingers are raw

from being bitten.


74 replies on “With Nothingness”

Hi Sean! Thanks for finding and liking my site! Your work is wonderful to read. Hope to come back and see more of it. Tom

I appreciate the “follow”. I hope some bits may be useful. Am looking forward to more from you – following now.
I agree thoroughly with “A Rhythm Runs THrough It” – above. Nicely done. :)

Sean, not sure how you found me but welcome to catnipoflife! I do hope you continue to enjoy the postings. Thought yours today was great, especially the photo:>) I have started following you, too!

I’m glad you enjoyed today’s post. Thanks for following one of my blogs. Hopefully, you will continue to find posts that will interest you.
Now back to checking out your blog! :)

Yes I was told by a few that they thought I wouldn’t have been able to pull off how old and prissy Torvald was but apparently I pulled it off well. Thanks for keeping in touch.

Hi Sean, thanks for noticing my blog with the like and for following it–I noticed in your bio that you performed in Doll’s House (at such a young age,too!)–fantastic play! You’ve done a ton of interesting things–will keep in touch with all your creative ventures!

I’m trying to stop biting them now, because my gram was able to recently, I’m starting with my left pinky and stopping one by one… if only I could stop smoking.

Sean, you sound as if you know what you want and are working hard to get there! I wish you the best of luck. BTW it’s no good getting sick on the eve of a breakthrough so you’d better start eating something… (it’s the ‘mother’ in me speaking, lol).

Thanks for the follow Sean – keep acting it’s such a fab way to explore other parts of yourself – did much of that myself – now my own life is a better adventure than I imagined!

Thanks for becoming a follower of CancerHitstheStreets, I love your blog and have signed up to follow your very creative and inspiring posts.

All the best,

Thank you for following my blog. I’m very much finding my way, as a new blogger, and it’s great to have your encouragement. I’ll take time to explore your blog, and wish you success in everything you are doing.

This post and the photo are raw, poignant, and powerful. Hope you went to find something nourishing to eat rather than yourself!!

Thanks for following paper, mud and me. I will try to post stuff that you like. I’m still exploring your site.

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