False Prophet

Introduction: Thought Process of the Prophet-less

Walt Whitman wouldn’t deal with these people. I want to be egalitarian but it’s too hard when humans are hard to come by, proxy by proxy pass by, physical representations of digital images all around. How can you treat culturally subjugated drones with dignity? Stalin was justified in deleting millions of Facebook profiles. Plutocracy is everywhere. Everyone is Minos at the gates of hell judging what they can from what they cannot tell. Ernest Hemingway is now a tortured tree. The devil is beating his wife for burning up the rice. The old lady gave me the same gift as Prometheus and she suffers the same fate. As do we. Walt lived with his mother in Camden. His only friend was a butterfly.

Howard Unruh lived with his mother in Camden. His only friend was a Luger.

They were both homosexuals. Time is relative.

The blackness that came before is still here. How can I possibly justify anything? Anyone else is off judging and being judged. We must create a being in order to make enforcement of anything seem decent. We must use pronouns and vague generalities in order to express ourselves. We must invent noises in order to communicate. Worthlessness envelopes the world, and all we can do is stand by and watch ourselves pretend to do something. I’ll enjoy the aesthetics for the time being- right now, which is always simultaneously happening. At once it must remain stagnant immediately. Reaction is a mainstay.

“Do not act.”

“Respond to others.”

“Act it out in yourself.”

“Do not believe any words written by anything.”

Soak them deep inside. Wallow in words.

“Do not believe anything. Ever.”

Screaming at one another for what might as well be no reason- it’s healthy for you. This is humanity. This is the almanac of every being. Seemingly meaningful contradictions writhing on a page. Understand nothing.Image

16 replies on “Introduction: Thought Process of the Prophet-less”

If any blog were to dispel any fear of mine then I’d might as well end my life, because you need fear in order to write, but that wouldn’t happen, because not even any great literary work I’ve read has had such an impact on me as to make me feel safe or not fear anything in this world. I don’t know what your intentions are but I don’t think blogs are much reason for bravado. Although I may be overreacting to an innocent request to check out your site, which if I am, then my apologies. Cheers fellow human.

It’s an interesting thought what you said about cognition- how what you perceive could chemically alter who you are. And yes I agree, it’s a shame how many people are misdiagnosed for many reasons, whether it be for “healthcare” profit or misconceptions of how people act in relation to what they have experienced in life.

Exactly, the disarrayed thoughts, the inconsistent beliefs, and the failed logic all represent his broken mind. There is no hope for an end to the constant questioning and convoluted explanations because he is searching for a justification to the existence of humanity, which is a fruitless endeavor. External reality is not static, it’s constantly changing, but the idea is that people can be isolated within their mindset and thus cause themselves to be in a state of stasis. He can’t convince himself of anything, which is the problem, apathy and subjectivity plague him as well as it constricts humanity.
I like your insight. Thanks for your thoughts.

I’m still young so I’m still getting into trouble, but your story and words inspire me. I’ve wondered how John Nash was as a person towards friends and colleagues, I always knew A Beautiful Mind was bullshit, plus I don’t have that much respect for Russel Crowe.

I am grateful for your wisdom -thank you for sharing, especially the words of Kant, I don’t agree with him on many things but his words are so original and beautiful. It’s interesting how he believed firmly in law yet he called the criminal our brother. Yes for us writers it’s easier on the wallet to create, all we need is pen and paper, (and an internet connection nowadays) but I live with artists and date one so I know how much creation destroys the wallet for them.

Now I’m off to check out your blog, hopefully we will talk again in the future good sir.

Hi Sean. Here it is from the perspective of an anti-nominian 62 year old who’s been arrested twice (civil rights in 1965, common drunkeness in 1999), who assisted John Nash at Princeton, and who’s retired from software development to be an actor, dancer, writer, and teacher in Hong Kong.

The meaning of life is what we give it when we say, as creative artists, there shall be something rather than nothing. I read about the Abstract Expressionists in the early 1960s and tried hard to understand what they meant when they said, “IT IS”. Creation faces us, overwhelming, sublime, beautiful and all in the Now. Our mimetic or ethical response needs no further justification nor has any ground. It is its own ground.

We make our own law, not John Law. But those of us lucky enough to be artists can “act out” in ways that are not self-defeating. The criminal, our cousin, our brother, he can only engage in self-defeating games such as counterfeiting money, the object of his idolatry, in a way that destroys money (cf Kant on this). He lives in a zero-sum Karmic world.

I have discovered over time that it’s easier on the wallet and liver to Create.

I shall follow your blog to the best of my ability.

I get stuck embracing a perception that humanity is just a sphere of eyeballs looking outwards, where every perspective, by their existence alone, is correct and valid. Reading this reminds me that some of us are outside and disconnected from that sphere, designed to stare back at it and judge it by the directions in which each facet of it is focused – while even more stare blankly into darkness from the prison at the core of that sphere, blinded but comforted by the press of strange flesh. Thanks.

This isn’t exactly referring to my philosophical views but it does reflect some of my thoughts. I’m using this false prophet film/writing series as a vehicle to express the possibilities of an extremely dejected individual’s perception of humanity. A lot of what goes on in his head is contradictory, which is his representation of the inconsistency of external reality.

I’m with you on not knowing what’s real, but — “believing” philosophically in a Jamesian sort of pluralism — I still can’t give up the search. Is that the same as pretending to do something? New Jersey is much more beautiful than many know. This could be a metaphor for many things.

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