False Prophet

False Prophet, Chapter 8: Decaying Eagle

There is no progression. There are no cycles. No dogma, no perception, no light in order to guide you. There is nothing inside that you can unlock and release into the world. There is only static. Creation is arduous, grueling, all bottled up and only leaking slowly. Meaning perpetuates in the most insignificant ways. Absorb the exterior while simultaneously denying it any sway. Keep shaking your limbs. Even the animals we harvest ingest anti-anxiety medication. You shove Prozac down a chicken’s throat.

We call ourselves the sons of ages. Humanity has suffered tradition for millenniums . Why was freedom given thought only a few years ago, when people took up arms and signaled the coming of a new age; a breath of fresh air coursing through our hollow skeleton? All of that, only to forget the agenda we so heartily bowed towards, how we prostrated to justice. How admirable we were, and only to hide in caves once again, huddling in darkness. Was that you under the bed? I could have sworn I saw a bird speaking to the night.

Murder people and clone them so you can replace them and no one will ever know. You will have control. Ejaculate before you commit suicide so your children may inherit the Earth. Feel true rest in the asphyxiation forest as the molten sap melts your skin. Erase the hidden text on the binding. There is a hole in the Earth. We fill the gaps in our teeth. We root out the innocence. Replace it with night. The black that came before is here.

12 replies on “False Prophet, Chapter 8: Decaying Eagle”

I must admit from what I have witnessed personally by working close to various kinds of people during my career I cannot say I share your beliefs regarding a change in the human course of evolution. Even though deep down I really wish to. My view of perceiving humanity as a disease increases daily. Even though I successfully encounter amazing art and many beautiful accomplishments set by certain individuals it just won’t add up for all the cruelty and selfishness I keep witnessing in the majority of the population. I added you to my reader. I think you have an amazing way with written words so I am looking forward to following your written works.

Freedom is the only ideal worth striving for, yes the 20th century was the century of mass deception, but hopefully the 21st century will be one of transparency. I do have hope for humanity, even though there is so much systematic oppression entrenched in developed and undeveloped countries. Even if corporations gain more of a foothold in government and politics, those two things have already shown people that they are averse to progress. Hope for me comes in the form of people banding together and managing their own environment. Space is the new frontier for freedom. Imagine the opportunities 50 years from now when space travel becomes cheap to the point where people can develop their own communities independent of any major corporation or government entity. That is where hope for real change, and tangible progress comes from for me. Thanks for your thoughts, you are always welcome on my site.

Wow. That is some serious imagery! And some serious stuff. I have to agree with your view upon society, although i know i could never make it so beautiful, intricate and hard core as you just did. There is some deep shit up there in that head of yours. How interesting it would be to be a fly on the inside of your mind! Thanks for coming by my blog. I am following yours now. I hope you dont mind…. ;)

It is indeed ironic to witness how mankind has been striving for freedom since the dawn of man. Yet now that we find ourselves in the 20th century the majority of the crowd has yet come to evolve to a point where their minds are capable of actually handling the freedom they have been given. Our self destructive course of nature will never change.. It is only a matter of time before we are at the brink of self extinction. Personally id think it is for the better. Humanity is filth,. Humanity is sin…

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