What do I Want?

My conscience wants vegetarianism to win over the world. And my subconscious is yearning for a piece of juicy meat. But what do I want?

About Sean William Lynch
Sean Lynch is a writer and editor who lives in South Philly. Lynch's first book of poems "the city of your mind" was published in 2013 by Whirlwind Press. Frank Sherlock, the poet laureate of Philadelphia, called Lynch's debut poetry book "visionary." CA Conrad claimed that the book was "marvelous!" His writing has been featured in numerous publications online and in print, including (parenthetical), Poetry Quarterly, and Tincture Journal.

6 Responses to What do I Want?

  1. eldinsmille says:

    Fake meat…aka, soya meat!

  2. Peruzzi says:

    Good analogy, however, in my case I’d let my subconscious be my guide.

  3. I’d say neither. Then I’d recommend Anthony DeMello’s book “Awareness” to you, if I was going to do anything at all, haha.

  4. Sean Lynch says:

    Peruzzi has it right, this isn’t literal people.

  5. Sean Lynch says:

    Different facets of the mind often seem to determine contradicting wants. It’s nauseating at times.

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