Regret, Recalcitrance

How long does it take for you to bleed from your fingertips?

Medicine does not help dissimilar apes.

The television is right for once.

I am sorry, dad, I know you smell the smoke.

I know I let you down, I let myself down too.

I cried my eyes out so I could not see my mother anymore.

There was this metal plate pushing down on my head.

My second grade teacher did not care.

We were punished for not knowing how to spell “because”.

She did not teach us, it was ingrained.

Hey, little girl, I know that your insides hurt.

It makes me so sad to know that something could have been done.

My stomach hurts as well.

I felt your face in no one ever.

Pulled myself to touch,

held it for a grasp,

lost it all in passing.

6 replies on “Regret, Recalcitrance”

Why do you blog? Do you blog for others, maybe they’ll find something in your writing and take from it, or do you write for yourself, and post it because you want to know what people have to say?
– Anyway, either way, I needed to read this. It’s made me feel less alone, and a little more at home. Also, I love saying the title out loud, over and over again.

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