that fucking smug

look seen on one

too many a face

will transform

the most docile

being into a



it renders

justification useless

I climbed the

tree on the

edge of that

all too often

visited peninsula

in which

bodies have been

hung by their

own hands

the branches have been sawed off

18 replies on “Self”

😊 Uh, yeah…

That’s why I like you guys so much. You won’t rake me over the coals for being Queen of the Disenfranchised. And, even if we have differing views you respect my person enough to allow them. Which is very groovy from where I sit. VERY groovy, indeed!

Although my ❤ is small it is filled with gratitude for the opportunity to speak my mind without retribution.💋

Just gotta chime in. I lived and worked downtown for years.

I think it’s those smug looks and cutting comments that provoke panhandlers to the “aggressiveness” they’re accused of.

I’ve never encountered an aggressive street person. Never. Ever. Ever. I’ve always found them to be decent, gentle and kind.

“See the man with the lonely eyes, oh, take his hand you’ll be surprised…”

They’ve never let me down. Never. They’ve protected me from harm — and NOT from other street people but from “establishment” types. You get what you give. Smug looks just won’t suffice anyway, anyhow, anywhere…💋

Besides being a metaphorical peninsula, the setting I’m referring to is a real place, and a very strange one as well. I shall photograph it soon. Thank you much for the comment, and I’m happy you’re still here.

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