Release Us From Your Clutch


The world is sick

The most tragic accident in the disorderly history of our universe

Our God is complicit

An incapacitated bell

Animals that slaughter each other with projectile weapons for inconsequential material wealth

How long have our dreams been crashing?

The thunder in it rings clear

Then cast us aside

As arrogant advanced apes

Forsaken by our species

The culmination of barely anything

Distraught, suffering, abandoned ones

Trampled on by elderly statesmen

Thousands of years of misconceptions

The old are propagandized

Sado-masochist insects

kill nine

kill ninety

kill nine million

kill us all

I masturbate to the thought of thermonuclear apocalypse

19 replies on “Release Us From Your Clutch”

Sorry it’s far from your favorite – I rather like it. And the last line is apropos if not classic.

I’m not sold on the whole disillusionment thing. What’s wrong with being naive? Except maybe the fact that when you realize it, you come to resent the world and yourself for it.

To be honest myself without trying to sound elitist in any way: I would not be happy with my work if it had widespread appeal. This poem is certainly far from my favorite, partly because the message is absolutely blatant, but also because a lot of it was taken from writings of mine when I was a naive seventeen year old. Yes, now that you say it, it does seem like this piece has relevance considering the state of world affairs- especially the crisis involving Iran and Israel that is boiling over, however, that is a loose application. Anyway, thanks for the genuine response, I appreciate you reading.

I have noticed a lot of your poems since I started following you and I’ll be honest by saying that it is hard for me to really feel the lot of them. However, this one speaks volumes. I’m not sure I like the very last line but I must say that I often share this pessimistic view on the world, especially considering current events.

They call it evolution but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen an ape kill for the sake of killing. Perhaps we really are not the higher species we think we are. Then again, maybe we are the higher species and this (robbery, rape, genocide, etc.) is the price we must pay for this “higher state of being”.

If such is the price, I think I’d rather be an ape. Was the world really a better place when we were younger or were we just too naive to notice the filth?

Oh well. An enjoyable (is that an appropriate word to use?) poem none-the-less. Keep on writing.

I dunno? I thought masterbating to the apocalypse was a capital idea! Second only to making Love as the world explodes, you with it, into rapturous oblivion. I think that would be a stellar way to go! STELLAR!

So… in the event of apocalypse let’s all make a pact to make-out wherever we are in direct opposition to the destruction. Like, add waves of apocalyptic Love to the oceans of hate? I think it’s supremely do-able… 😉 lol

“Kill all humans for a better tomorrow!” ~ Bender the Robot

Feeling irreverently silly today. *shrug*

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend! Much Love. 💋

P.S.: I’m not very techno-savvy. My comments always wind up in the wrong thread? My apologies in advance. Is there a 13-step (sic) group for people like me? Ya think?

People will think I’m a stalker! 😜 lol

My comments aren’t nearly as clever as the other visitors to this fine blog of yours. I ❤ your readers almost as much as I ❤ you! If that were possible?

Thanks a bunch to all for keeping my brain in the soup-pot, lest it find its way to a solitary bowl and cool all alone…

Although my heart is small it is filled with gratitude for all.💋

I’m sure he doesn’t give a fuck. I am highly encouraged by your response, sir. I will keep going, and I wouldn’t prefer masturbating to the apocalypse either but at the time it seemed like the best thing in reaction to the absurdity all around.

Thank you for visiting my blog! I see that I am following you but I don’t remember introducing myself… so hi. I love this poem. It’s very honest. I look forward to your posts :)

Well, hmmmm. I think your poem may be bigger than god. Who is god anyway, and why does he allow us to criticize him? He should presumably have control over the media by now; perhaps he has not upgraded his operating system, or figured out that you need a facebook account to log into everything. Or more likely he doesn’t give a fuck. But whatever, I liked the hell out of this poem, and while I don’t endorse the practice of masturbating to the sound of the apocalypse, I assure you that I will join in. Peace to you sir – and wherever you may be, rest assured that someone likes your words.

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