In and Out

breathe in deep

while pins crash to the floor

floating bodies collide

each climax as identical to the last

space is meant for thoughts

and yet

it is where concepts cannot coexist

time continues uncontrolled

but then

this clarity remains

esoteric, unknowables, everything-

quench the lungs


7 replies on “In and Out”

And right back at cha, babe! And how! 💋💋💋

The keyboard is somewhat improved today. I think it was possessed last night. “The worst kind,” too! 😜 lol

G IS pretty rad. I should really visit him on my blog.

Later, ‘gator.💋

I forgot that Canadian Thanksgiving was so early, I’m glad you had fun. Sounds like Uncle G is a pretty rad dude too. Sucks about the keyboard, and no worries about going AWOL, I was just worried that something bad had happened to you girl, don’t know what I’d do without you.

Gosh. Yes. I am okay. Sorry and thanks a bunch for asking.💋

Kinda sucky couple of weeks. Having technical difficulties, too. Big time! Seems to be getting worse? Ugh. 😊 lol

Thanksgiving here. Dinners. It’s the precursor to Halloween and a long weekend Monster Turkey Fest. Uncle G’s band played a gig Friday night. Stayed in town at Freckle’s. Late night. Then, home. Cook for potluck. X + G’s potluck. Giggles. Home via Shroom Scout’s. Cook some more. Chores. Bobby’s. Even more giggles.

But my keyboard is whack! 😜 lol I give up! It took 20 minutes to type that.

Good grief. roflol

Good thing I like a comedy of errors because it’s the rule…

Sorry if I were AWOL. Sincere apologies, baby!💋

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