Religion Will Never Die

getting high at church

possession at its finest


Adam can masturbate with ghosts

everything else is forbidden fruit

14 replies on “Religion Will Never Die”

That flatters me, I hope I can meet other writers here to help my content and the way to express it grow and such. I’m happy you found my blog, i see your works influencing mine. and side-note: (I am not like most girls my age. I never have been. Call it my ever-present present. )

How flattering, I’ve taken a look at yours and I’m pleasantly in wonder myself. Your site is not only filled with original content, but it is damn good. I shall return to you for feminine respite since most adolescent girls just reblog nonsense.

… possession at its finest…

… Adam can masturbate with ghosts…

Why, yes! Yes he can!

Ooh. You know I ❤ it!

Just coming off a monumentally fun and awesome long weekend/Turkey Fest and… *bang*… sock it to me, baby! 😉 lol

❤ ya! Hope you had a great day! 💋

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