Idiosyncrasy as an Ebbing Trait

She sits in a room filled with trash

With plastic leaves beneath her feet


Loyalty has been void in our country

Our parents taught us better


His thoughts wander like Jimmy Carter’s

He is ashamed at what he has not done


We drank, then turned our sunflowers black and blue

And now we drink no more


If only she could live with what has been done

Her pride is Luna in her cycles


We are arbitrarily waxing stained steel

Then waning as if she had been swallowed whole


He is not good with words, but they are for her

Please do not forgive us

7 replies on “Idiosyncrasy as an Ebbing Trait”

That poem was sad so I thought The Worthless Peons were in order. They were part of a refreshingly silly day and I really wanted to pay the laughs forward as best I could. Who better to share them with than you, hey?

Hope you had a great day! 💋

No. “Please do not forgive us.”

Busy day. Involved lotsa laughing. Who knew? Here’s one of them for you*…

I ❤❤❤❤❤ this poem. You know how I dig the sad.

Hope you had a great day!💋

* This is an all-time all Time and Space fave! I ❤ The Worthless Peons! And how! I want to be in this band, man! Or, at the very, very least, be their groupie! 😋 lol

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