Trivial Niceties

I long to be a homosexual

Those Russian women

will eat you alive

I’ve been poor and hungry


at least I don’t

have thirty millimeter

cannons raining ignorance

down upon me


Allahu Akbar

children’s tears

the stomach pangs

are nothing compared


the town drunk

the city fiend

the country bum

abstract trivial niceties


If only Uber Macht

could be obtained

the higher men

breathe just the same


…just the sane

6 replies on “Trivial Niceties”

Even if one strives for objectivity it’s still relative to one’s perspective, self, nature, environment, no? A difficult task that faces the species as a whole?

So, shucks, I will try to refrain from the effusive subjectivity for which I am prone.

Hope you had a great day! 💋

It’s all relative, hey?

I just dig the way you string your ideas together, Sash. “… just the sane” Just completely dig it. And how.

Did a haunted Farm of Fear and corn maze last night. SUPER fun! Then, fire pit with friends. Busy day and birthday party at the seniors’ complex tonight. That was SUPER fun, too! Seniors! Gotta ❤ ’em, hey? Way.

Up to my eyeballs from now until Halloween.

I ❤ you! Hope you’re having a spooky weekend! 💋

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