A Form of Life

Every attempt to grasp a ‘people” as a form-of-life- as race, class, ethnicity, or nation- has been undermined by the fact that the ethical differences within each “people” have always been greater than the ethical differences between “peoples” themselves.

Tiqqun- Introduction to Civil War

About Sean William Lynch
Sean Lynch is a writer and editor who lives in South Philly. Lynch's first book of poems, the city of your mind, was published in 2013 by Whirlwind Press. His second chapbook, Broad Street Line, focusing on politics and public transportation, was published by Moonstone Press in 2016. 100 Haiku is his latest release, also published by Moonstone Press in 2018. Lynch's writing has been featured in numerous publications online and in print, including (parenthetical), Poetry Quarterly, and Tincture Journal.

6 Responses to A Form of Life

  1. Susan LaDue says:

    Good quote! And born out by the science that I’ve seen, though I admit it’s largely public television!

    • There is some interesting stuff on PBS sometimes, plus I feel nostalgia about watching Antiques Roadshow with my mom back in the day, even though I didn’t really appreciate it back then.

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