These Heroes Have Affairs

The Blackness…

I’m just another local

The Blackness…

The skyline is omnipresent

How I have longed for this day

I’ve been approached by a machine

Your face is other-worldly

My pain is nothing and not for you

Repetition: there is nothing else

Bukowski, that fucking bastard

I’ve dreaded this night

And I have longed for it

This is not a word

I wish I was a womanizer

Like when I was a teenager

These are not stanzas

This bridge is filled with uncollected secrets

Your soul is lost and how these minions weep

Between his mind and every body, envying strength

Possessed by those that molest

I only know disintegration

The Black Seeps Through

And that is why

I am here

Forks in veins

And Everything else

Gliding through

Dirty rain

All the same

Sanity unwillingly

Penetrates the brain

This circle ends

Like everything else

Infinity: a concept understood

Yet never taken seriously

Even these words

Will remain cloned

In some backwater hole

I own nothing

The blackness grasps




Maybe if we had met

When we were in another life

As cats


This projectile

Gives me peace

If only I could

Break all ties that bind

Or if I had the worldliness

Of some Unknowing tourist

Your cousin lost an eye

I’ve lost my wits

Fighting a dictatorship

From within

Free Syria, Libya, Egypt-

Everyone rise and fail better

Fear in every facet

I knew she was complicit