When You Were Young You Made Mistakes and Never Learned From Them

reaching an impasse with blackness

an eternal abyss


too many nights spent with strangers

avoiding bliss


no home to have


too broken to think succinctly

and leaking quicker


generosity breathes again

you cannot admit what you did to her


seconds filled with repentance


showing off with a full stomach

even though nothing is there


revelations running through rivers

another blood-soaked mare


it is bitter cold and better left unsaid


poor and wetter

immaterial benefits


iron objects penetrating

wooded penitence


expecting an embrace and only getting violence


reaffirmation of disbelief

these words carry similarity


reemerging lack of self-confidence

recognized redundancy


continuous self-aggrandizement


coughing up pretentiousness

increasing testicular pain


every endless night

hunger penetrates the brain


caged in this country


is it blue balls

or a green heart


eunuchs sharpening scythes

fuck your art


skill is not involved in this endeavor


yesterday morning she needed you

don’t talk about the weather


tonight she couldn’t wait to get rid of you

nothing is better


conversations carrying insinuations


using tongues as swords

misguided notions prevail



to no avail

5 replies on “When You Were Young You Made Mistakes and Never Learned From Them”

Awww, man, but je ne sais quoi is what I say when I can’t explain. : ) lol

You always leave feeling me beyond flattered, as well, kid. I just ❤ you to bits! I do. 💋

I did, too. Actually the whole of it has a certain je ne said quoi.

And I did way more than just talk about the weather, S. I practically ‘did’ her on my blog! I might still yet! 😉 lol

I am painfully aware with the relative ease in which people use their tongues as swords, persuaded, fuelled by prevailing misguided notions. So, yeah, totally digging the ideas! It’s much more than the sum of its parts.

Hope you had an awesome weekend! ❤ ya! 💋💋💋 (Extra because I’m really digging the weather and I’ve pulled out the Deep Purple. Good Times. 😊)

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