The Scam

Johnny Shimsham

is a lighter

who happens to be white


I’m not superstitious

yet sometimes I do things

to keep the badness away


But it comes back

at night I say things

while I’m sleeping


Shouting in the streets

rectangles with mouths


I’ve been gone

For too long


I’m gone

Too much

All Too Often

Pondering both life and death

Realizing neither word applies to reality

Relating, a shocking thing in a world so pluralist


Plants and animals

Seeming unattractiveness

Situated in blackness


Nothing may be appealing

A constant hunger

Afflicted, almost there

Only Realized If

a plethora

all in one day


and yet the interior monologue

rambles louder than machines


at times because of

at times in spite of


all of which

different consequences


depending on



resulting in

benefit or detriment


She feels like a monster

She says

Back and forth


While you break your liver even more

Taking antihistamines to cure self-consciousness