A Sudden Nothing

My heart is beating a little faster

After listening to the night

Then hearing gunshots

It comes every now and then

But I never really notice

I wonder if those bullets

Made their mark

But most likely bouncing off alley walls

Never mind now I hear the sirens

That could only mean one thing

And it’s only midnight

At least the police responded

Ashamed it gave me such a rush

And that now I’m not despondent

Since something happened

Someone is dead or dying

The sirens are still blaring

No one has a seatbelt to fasten

And now it is silent again

Lead pulverizing flesh

Men finding quicker ends

14 thoughts on “A Sudden Nothing

  1. Excellent! Those last two lines are especially affecting. I can relate a bit to that feeling- northern-most part of the county reverberates with the occassional crack of gun-fire in the night. Even on rarer occassions I’ve heard it just over the causeway, where there is some drug-activity. Always makes one think…wonderful write, excellent poetry.

    P.S. A gorgeous New Year to you,

    Autumn Jade

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