A Sudden Nothing

My heart is beating a little faster

After listening to the night

Then hearing gunshots

It comes every now and then

But I never really notice

I wonder if those bullets

Made their mark

But most likely bouncing off alley walls

Never mind now I hear the sirens

That could only mean one thing

And it’s only midnight

At least the police responded

Ashamed it gave me such a rush

And that now I’m not despondent

Since something happened

Someone is dead or dying

The sirens are still blaring

No one has a seatbelt to fasten

And now it is silent again

Lead pulverizing flesh

Men finding quicker ends

14 replies on “A Sudden Nothing”

Excellent! Those last two lines are especially affecting. I can relate a bit to that feeling- northern-most part of the county reverberates with the occassional crack of gun-fire in the night. Even on rarer occassions I’ve heard it just over the causeway, where there is some drug-activity. Always makes one think…wonderful write, excellent poetry.

P.S. A gorgeous New Year to you,

Autumn Jade

Yes, I felt like I had to make my comment in some way, indirectly, by commenting on a real experience of my own last night. Without being exploitive like the damn media.

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