The Scam

Johnny Shimsham

is a lighter

who happens to be white


I’m not superstitious

yet sometimes I do things

to keep the badness away


But it comes back

at night I say things

while I’m sleeping


Shouting in the streets

rectangles with mouths

6 replies on “The Scam”

The last two lines can be seen as akin to a nightmare. I try to give a lot of substance that can be seen in varying interpretations. Thank you for the in depth analysis, I hope you come back for more.

Love the simplicity of the poem. The last line is very powerful and I love how it ends abruptly. The white lighter myth lives. I’m sensing more than superstition in this poem, however. Something deeper: nightmares, a bad high? Might even be read as PTSD – superstition never hit before, but now it’s sinking in. A lot to think about. Great job.

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