For Survival

rage at the day

through the night

go gentle even though


come cower because

of all the light

and frightened darkness


not given courage

for living


hanging onto pebbles



sensory phenomenon



flickering flame

dying all alone


the past was filled

with creatures

attracted, so bright


so many eyes upon

now turned away

trailing voice gone astray

2 replies on “For Survival”

I’ve grown fond of it as well, I guess that’s why I’ve kept it for so long. It’s certainly different, and I take the word understanding in a broad sense, you could put other words in place of it and it would be meaningful but maybe not as universal. It does fit this poem, which is why I tagged it with weakness, although there a lot of pieces I use that tag for… I suppose I’ve been trying to utilize the word weakness in a sense that isn’t so narrow because I feel like it has a negative connotation that may not be entirely appropriate.

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