Sympathy and the Unknown

another life

a different person

a shower spraying

down hateful water

pounding little female flesh

tears with reverie

wet shameful memory

how could a progenitor

become a traitor

to their child

asking repeatedly

knowing there will be

no answer

there were signs through

the darkness

you do not remember details

but there were signs

angst and sex


lust and fear

and still the water drips

the spicket, relentless

if only

if only

it was not so

9 replies on “Sympathy and the Unknown”

If the water continued to trickle, always out of or into maybe never discover one’s personal truth. I mean, distraction very nice for a good amount of time but when you take the dis out of it and leave attraction I, at least know its authenticity at once. I choose what I do next. I remind myself it’s a critical choice. Not giving life lessons. Just thinking out loud. Very pleasantly surprised by your ability to write WELL.

It’s not always easy to pull off. The trick (I think) is including enough details to give reality while leaving it open ended enough for a reader to play.

Sadly, I’ve never figured out the whole submission game.

Thanks, I just need some help on which ones I should submit to places and where.

I agree with you wholeheartedly, and that is why they are my favorite kind of poetry… most of the time, if it is done right.

You’re very good at this.

Funny thing about poems that tell stories – they don’t really. They suggest them to the imagination. But they leave the details where the devil lives safely undisclosed.

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