Dangerous Dreams

A torn piece

Of black cloth

Glued and stitched

To a pole

Made of wood

What kind of

Not knowing


A small flag


A small black flag

We thought it was


Behind our tongues

Remaining doubts

Killing flames

It died before

Even starting

About Sean William Lynch
Sean Lynch is a writer and editor who lives in South Philly. Lynch's first book of poems "the city of your mind" was published in 2013 by Whirlwind Press. Frank Sherlock, the poet laureate of Philadelphia, called Lynch's debut poetry book "visionary." CA Conrad claimed that the book was "marvelous!" His writing has been featured in numerous publications online and in print, including (parenthetical), Poetry Quarterly, and Tincture Journal.

8 Responses to Dangerous Dreams

  1. Eric Alagan says:

    Yes, easy to start but to sustain — therein the challenge.

  2. kay4ni says:

    “We thought it was

    Revolution” – too much in that statement…too much

  3. Revolution and black flags…makes me think of the Arab Spring.

  4. shonadaowna says:

    This cuts and twists and stings and soothes, all in one. Such power, such command.

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