Until Hindsight

Used to be resistant to the cold.

Used to turn some nothings into somethings.


There were many a used-to-be,

And then there was the end of them.


A certain threshold  is through,

An abstract withering of what once was.

7 replies on “Until Hindsight”

I’m glad you found me, and the photography I’ve seen of yours so far is really amazing. I’d like to be able to check out your doc film stuff as well!

The through foreshadows the abstract, and prepares for the alliteration in the following line. Also, a crossed threshold is a phrase used often, and I try to stay away from that because it doesn’t sound poetic to me.

This is a nice, concise poem. It says what it says directly. I’m replying like this because I won’t be able to post a comment till later in the day. You’re a prolific writer, that can be a help if you’re able to select out the best things for publication. Alex

Alexander Marshall

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