America, a party that
Never stops

The insolent child

Dripped in acrid yellow

This is preceded
By a yawn

A prophetic jeer
Bored of its
Own excess

This is ridiculous
It says, while carrying

“I am not decadent
But I practice

Stumble down
The street
Ask a child
For a light

Passing by pieces
Of dissonance not
Even electronic

“I’m not interested
In the
Interesting things”

Drink your

Stop being stale

5 replies on “Invitation/Incantation”

You do have a way with words. And I love how they are graphic and dark and hit hard. (But then again that might be because I have a morbid mind).
Also this reminds me of an Anais Mitchell song that I love very, very much – ‘Young Man in America’.

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