Song of Solitude

Driving alone through the

city and your cure is

the Holy Hour


This supermoon sings

of solitude but

you are not sad


The smoke will seep

through lips and drift

as high as Luna


This special moon

it does not speak

but sing


Sing along even if you’re wordless

even if you think others

do not share your burdens


There lies pleasure

in solitude

and singing


This is a song

of not just yourself

but also the moon


And as you drive over

and with Walt Whitman

you sound your barbaric yawp

10 replies on “Song of Solitude”

Well thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts, if it makes sense for you then here’s to hoping that you come back for more and share more of your thoughts in the future!

Wordless for a description of the serenity of that night, but not for the emotional reaction to the inexplicable. So the little imagery that is there is reflected by the darkness of subjectivity, where you can’t always remember or comprehend that there is solidarity in solitude. The moon sheds a little light on that since we both shared similar experiences through it even though we are strangers.

I like the way you are writing. For me it makes sense. And though I haven’t seen your blog before I really like it. Thumbs up

The other night I walked off into a field next to an abandoned lot and watched the yellow supermoon. It was an interesting experience as I looked at it and my eyes made it seem to dance in front of me for a few minutes. So it’s interesting reading this soon thereafter.

The way the poem reads blends with the imagery one gets. Of the solitude and the night.

Is it intentionally “if your wordless”?

You should read Song of Myself by Whitman if you haven’t already. I’m glad to have helped you on your journey of transformation. Thank you for reading and responding.

Your last two posts have really resonated with my past. I’m in the middle of transforming and some of your images are like signposts for me. Or little lights on my dark street. Thanks.

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