Illuminated Leaves Conjure Memories

Earlier today you wanted to touch

the light on the trees and realized

that some shades of green aren’t even physical.

You didn’t think of the unbearable

because you were in movement,

recalling an old man named Sunny

who advised against idleness.


Unbearable Air

Our atmosphere

results in humidity-

beyond palpable


While Travelling

The instrument of my everyday

is the screech of train rails.

I sit and see mind songs

while travelling.

Others stare

at screens.


A Grave Revisited

I no longer

bury cigarettes

in the earth for her


Fluid Interrupted

The Delaware is green

except where she

meets Camden

at the site of a

demolished prison.

The muddy swirls at her banks-

clouds inside water,

each hurricane of dirt

chaotically aligned by

the many strings which

thread the fabric of this river.

Little umber hurricanes violating

otherwise solid green movement.

Above which stands a fence

crowned in razor wire.

Securing us from ghosts

of prisoners.

Around us stands a fence

crowned in razor wire.

The only monument left

on an empty lot.

Inside us stands a fence

crowned in razor wire.

A phantom testament situated

on a barely populated urban peninsula.

We are a fence crowned in razor wire.

The muddy swirls are the tears of christ himself.