The Sky is Falling and so am I

Seeing seems to change

every single day.

And at night

looking up can feel like stillness

while our planet spins.

And as I pass by bushes

longing for innocence,

the perception of purity,

I stumble

as if I’m drunk because I’m not drunk.

11 replies on “The Sky is Falling and so am I”

Beautifully written… very thought provoking… we are tiny specks in this grand universe.
ps.. thanks for ‘following’ ;)

Interesting interpretation, this piece is a bit subjective so it may be different for others. Someone else may get the idea that you change constantly while the external world remains seemingly the same, or indifferent. I like what you bring up about the pressure of not being genuine as an adult, it’s a societal effect. Anyway, thank you much for reading and your musings.

This is a rather somber piece.

For me, the poem represents (its meaning) the conflict of our internal and external worlds. Our internal existence remains the same in spite of the physical changes of time, but yet with mental age/maturity we realize that we have to pretend to be what we’re not to exist and function in the external world. Sadly, pretending as adults isn’t the same as pretending as children…thank you for posting it.

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