Cycle of Chance

A sack of flesh and bones

controls a machine at a weight

of two tons, (including the sack,

two tons, one hundred and fifty eight

and a half pounds) moving

in spite of all the friction,

at a velocity that can almost

guarantee a different kind of trip

if circumstances, (a bump, a thought,

indigestion, another sack)

cause the mind to shift its own gears

into uncontrollable dimensions.

It’s almost always uncontrollable.

Although somehow that thin blade

between almost and always allows

the sack’s muscles to react

and lets the undeserving mind

go on

on borrowed time.

About Sean William Lynch
Sean William Lynch is a poet from New Jersey who was born in 1992. Lynch's first book of poems "the city of your mind" was published in 2013 by Whirlwind Press. Frank Sherlock, the poet laureate of Philadelphia, called Lynch's debut poetry book "visionary." CA Conrad claimed that the book was "marvelous!" S.W. Lynch's writing has been featured in numerous publications online and in print, including Milkfist, Poetry Quarterly, and Tincture Journal.

4 Responses to Cycle of Chance

  1. bert0001 says:

    Sometimes inspiration is synchronous … I have/had chosen the same subject today :-)

  2. I enjoyed this! A good thought for today, that thin blade we all depend on. Thanks.

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