place a crystal

in the pocket

of your pants


do you feel

a hundred miles

away from yourself?


if you’re a witch

then I’m a piece of shit

my perception changes

as my blood thickens


gone sane for some reason

you’re comfortable financially

but hungry anyway


(by choice?)

we’re misery incarnate

an idiosyncrasy of the failed plan

9 replies on “Incarcerated”

I really sound like a nut. But I’m not. I’m a mom eating a ceasar salad. I was moved. Really moved.

I’m unrepentent:)

I see that rami ungar the writer comment: ick.

YOU…have touched my heart. I have HEARD you. You are LOVED by those you may not know…yet. Heaven KNOWS your NAME.

It looks like I’m yelling alot with all those capital letters:) I AM! I’m YELLING at EVERYTHING that comes against you.

You are LOVED.

You…and the rest of the WORLD…need to know that.

Your poem was breath-taking.

LIVE. You are loved.

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