I in Relation

Speaking about how schools kill creativity.

And touching on the subject of industrialism

fostering a hierarchical mode of education,

with art on the bottom

of an abstract pyramid.


I can’t help but to be wary of listening to comfy “knighted” doctors

making profit off of selling books on educational theory.


There isn’t anything wrong with this not being a poem.

Just like there isn’t anything of substance inside those

capsules we give to the little ones,

besides it being addictive medication.


I would have preferred you to not just prod at the truth,

but make a fist and hammer at our decaying machine.


I guess that’s why I’ll never be a mainstream or alternative anything.

Since both are one and the same.

Since I’m not kosher.


I am a pig.

My poems are slices of bacon.

My words are gray dull grease.

The effect of which is a blissful heart attack.

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