11/22/13 Camden, NJ

Time slows

as I walk towards

the federal courthouse on Cooper Street.


a small, almost

withered apple up to a bleak sky.

I don’t think

about how it’s been

fifty years since the last assassination of a U.S. President.

I think

about this city,

and all its hungry children,

a concept

with no anniversary,

a concept which isn’t a concept but an avoidable reality.

7 replies on “11/22/13 Camden, NJ”

Thanks for the follow and the chance for me to read your words. In this poem the phrase ” a concept with no anniversary” speaks above everything else, at least to me. We are media driven where horrors come with anniversaries in the mode of “let’s never forget.” Of course, corrective action rarely follows the memories. And we live in a world where half of the food produced is never eaten–another concept without an anniversary. Well done.

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