Whirlwind Magazine Issue #1

All summer I’ve been working on Whirlwind Press’s magazine release, and finally here it is. This issue collects poems and art together from a diverse range of voices, all of which bear witness to injustice as well as beauty in urban and natural environments. We’ve gathered local poets and artists as well as some nationwide and even international contributors for the debut issue. The launch party was hosted at the nation’s oldest journalist club, The Pen and Pencil, and it was a huge success, a full house, and featuring big names like Nzadi Keita, Jim Cory, and our founder, Lamont B. Steptoe. Visit us at www.whirlwindmagazine.org to learn more, and even submit some poems and art of your own!

Whirlwind Cover

About Sean William Lynch
Sean Lynch is a writer and editor who lives in South Philly. Lynch's first book of poems, the city of your mind, was published in 2013 by Whirlwind Press. His second chapbook, Broad Street Line, focusing on politics and public transportation, was published by Moonstone Press in 2016. 100 Haiku is his latest release, also published by Moonstone Press in 2018. Lynch's writing has been featured in numerous publications online and in print, including (parenthetical), Poetry Quarterly, and Tincture Journal.

11 Responses to Whirlwind Magazine Issue #1

  1. Like the idea, Sean. Congrats on getting the issue out.

  2. Steven Krohn says:

    Thank you for publishing this. Congratulations on your accomplishment. I will be looking forward to reading this. Have a great day!!

  3. nannus says:


  4. So glad to find out about this via your post in my reader — just checked out the issue and it looks great. Congratulations!

  5. pembroke5 says:

    A great magazine and it was launched in a packed hall. People were buying the magazines right out of the box. It reminded me of San Francisco so many years ago. Cassandra’s, the Coffee Gallery, The Co-Existence Bagel Shop, The Anxious Asp. This wasn’t a Beat voice though, a different voice was speaking. Alexander Marshall pembroke5@aol.com

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