Narrative to Life Beta

The human ignores the itches on its calves and behind its ears where inside its ringing. Both of them. Pain beneath skull could mean any number of things. Hunger is brought on by the insignificant. Machines make noises all the time. No matter what it can’t get away from cause and effect. An artist refrains from expressing the ambiguous spatter of sensory everywhere around. Detached from repetition, only responding to thoughts through an abstract, nondescript logic. One half of its brain shall perish in the soil, the other ascending beyond tangibility. Today I breathed for the first and last time. It is only the beginning because I will it to be. Right now. I am creating the present, and it is a continuum that will proceed into oblivion, but that also will be negated, negativity. All things must exist, since nothing really matters. We have been so worried about sin. Rightly so. You pray as much as you can. I don’t ever want this to stop. Suffering is beautiful. But only when you don’t suffer. I thought I bore my cross, but I guess I was wrong. Don’t look back. Just keep going. The blood and spit will both wash away. Human liquid runs its course. Look up at them and show your faded teeth. That’s it. Move along. Golgotha is everything. Or so the computer tells me.

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