feet away from eternity

you, man holding cellular phone-computer,

man who smells like burnt tires thrown

into a swamp, you, man with fake African bracelets

made of wood around flaky pale skin, you, man soaked

in dirty rain, man with head down hand scratching red

neck bumps, man who stares into blank screen

with yellow knees bent and ruptured veins in arms,

you are the furthest you’ll ever be from life

Said and Done Before

salt smells and faded baseball cap

like whiskey by the water

loose blue t-shirt and cutoff jean shorts

and torn up boating shoes no socks

too much hair and skin for one human

no technology thank god

just a newspaper clipping all crumpled

and gray the lights at the 24 hour pharmacy

are intangible

walk with me thru the aisles because

everything is bright and melting cancer

love comes from out west

even though we’ve never been

from Los Angeles on out

all there is are signals signals signals

we’re trapped

in discarded images

Forgotten Dividends

If I were to spill ink

on your bed sheets

would you forgive

me if I told you

all the bugs would drown?

Now you can stop itching.

Besides, you look better in black

than black looks on you.

When I read aloud the print

can say anything in your mind,

and I wouldn’t know. And the lonely

will listen in their kitchens

while toasters overheat;

you think about the secret

in the basement chained

to a radiator and we will wonder

if putting out an ad for a dessert

will be too risky.

I say no.

notes from last year

the rain and I are fragile

this train must split

I am not made up of a city

or any other place

these rails are wet

yes and it looks like a funeral

on the other side of the river

our path is made of asphalt

but not dirt the water and sky

are one connected by a thousand

holes in between you and me

a vehicle crawls across a bridge

filled with Great Depression era buildings

at the other side drab monoliths

and dead strangers possess us

yet their wrists vibrate

when holding pens