when destruction comes to bear

music transforms into a portal

into your past life

into the love you felt

into the thoughts

you barely remember

life becomes meaningful

when destruction

comes to bear

by and by

it happens always

just sometimes you don’t notice

you die each day

when the happiness

you almost grasped

keeps loitering

when humans

who no longer live

feel so close

and yet they’re

the furthest

they could possibly be

visit the grave

in your mind

spread the ashes

across your chest

fear the thump

thump thump

from the inside

of the vacant room

the footsteps stomping

from the apartment above

of the old man who never sleeps

he knows when you have sex

he knows nothing is sacred

cringe at that brush on the back

of your neck

while you’re facing

the desolation

of an electronic filled room

stubbornly refuse implants

retain biology

die again and again

keep dying

until death itself dies

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