suspension snapped

a bridge painted the same color

as the sky fears its own lack

of identity, staring down into the dark

water beneath its belly

its steel spine itchy from all the vehicles

that traverse its body

the metal pests rub rubber

against its skin

the bridge loathes its condition

and yet its purpose is clear

and it accepts its position with patience

until an earthquake or whirlwind

snaps its suspension and frees it

2 replies on “suspension snapped”

This does fit one of the definitions of metaphysical verse. It embody’s a conceit. The poem brings two separate ideas together in a way that wouldn’t occur to most people. The bridge is tired of carrying the cars that rub against it with their rubber tires, and it looks longingly down at the water. Andrew Marvell was one of the great poets who used some of these forms. His work stikes us as being modern, and poets like Stephen Spender have commented on it. Alexander Marshall

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