To the bird lost

Inside the subway tunnel
The frantic bird who’s flying
To and fro
You have forgotten
that the world is open on the outside
That there is endless space
Space that the sky represents
You have forgotten the fresh air
Your little lungs grow spastic
As you tilt your head
Absurdly standing centimeters tall
On a gray subway platform
You have broken my heart, bird
This would have never happened
If we weren’t here
You are God trapped in our small minds
Searching for a way out
You are an embodiment
Of our existence
And that, for human beings
Escape is possible
But improbable

3 replies on “To the bird lost”

It’s a been a couple months since I wrote any poems (on to other things) and several since I checked on your blog again, but I was rewarded with this gem. Posted it on facebook to your credit–hope you don’t mind. Your style has reached this lucidity and directness of feeling and image I’d like to think E. Pound would applaud.

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