Message Failed to Send

How can a heart rip
apart so slowly?

How much kinetic force
would it take…

to bring back the past
to summon sadness

to materialize
the actual feeling?

Dull objects ignite
irretrievable memories

of people who are now
in the ground.

How does a random task
unearth disconnected roots?

How do walks
thru crowded city streets

evoke images
of lonely suburban emotions?

Where does desire
for familial love

derive from?
How can you look

at a child
and not die

for what never was
and how it never will?

How does sorrow creep
into our lives?

How could a stranger
across from you on the train

ask if the newspaper next to you
is yours’ and if you could hand it

to her, and in that moment
you wonder why anyone could ask you

of anything
because you destroyed

the most important thing
and now the Delaware River

calls to you-
the bottom of the river.

You sit on the train
and stare at the surface

and wonder what bedrock looks like
thru the depth and murkiness

of the fluid’s body
and you know

that regardless
in the end

you’ll drown
face up.

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