Readers Magnet Scam

I don’t normally post anything like this, but I want to make more writers aware of this Readers Magnet scam that I just encountered and figured out with a little bit of intuition and easy, quick research.

I just received a phone call from a person named Angelo who said they worked for a company called Readers Magnet. There was a lot of noise in the background which sounded like a large telemarketing office with phones going off and chitter chatter. Angelo asked if I was Sean Lynch and complimented me on my latest published book then proceeded to offer some sort of marketing deal for my up and coming literary career. He was very complimentary of my latest book, which he said was entitled, “Little Bird” and I stopped him and said I don’t have any book by that name, my latest book is called 100 Haiku. He said that their book scout must have mixed my book’s title up with someone else’s and said they were still interested in doing a deal.

He said your book is called “H-I-G-H-Q?” I said no, Haiku as in Haiku. He said, oh, you mean I.Q.? I said no. The guy had a thick accent so I was patient with him, just to play along and see where it went. Things went sour when I asked, “how did you get this phone number?” He said that their book scouts have many resources. I asked him multiple times how they acquired my phone number, which made him uncomfortable and threw him off of the questioning template. I was polite the whole time, though.

I played along for a bit to see what they were getting at, then I told him I’m not interested. He said that they were going to do more research on my book and then contact me again to make a deal. I hung up, then googled Readers Magnet and the first thing to pop up was Readers Magnet scam and the second was the Readers Magnet website saying this is not a scam! Hilarious.

I read the website for Readers Magnet and it reads like it was written by a copywriter getting paid mere pennies for writing a web page. They said that the people who claim that Readers Magnet is a scam are “libelous.” Apparently they offer to represent authors at book fairs but require the author to pay a $600 registration fee. What a dumb scam. I’m just annoyed wondering at how they got my phone number.

Most scams are just generic car warranty things that everyone gets, but this is annoyingly specific. I’ve read dozens of stories from people who described the same scam and a few from some unfortunate, eager souls who just want to break out in their literary careers and were duped by this company. Please don’t be that person. You have to grind it out the hard way in order to make it in the literary world.

readermagnet scam
The logo for the scam company

2 replies on “Readers Magnet Scam”

Same person called me tonight about one of my books and I knew it was a scam right away by the way she spoke.

You did us all a service by posting this alert. Lots of outfits are trying to get money from Authors who want to have their work promoted. Beware of accents.

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