Hello, my name is Sean Lynch. I am a poet who is currently an editor and poetry reading host for Moonstone Arts Center in Philadelphia. From 2014-2018 I was the editor of Whirlwind Magazine which I co-founded with Lamont Steptoe. I’ve been the editor of many projects, including Rocky Wilson’s poetry collection The Last Bus to Camden, which was released in 2016 by Moonstone Press. My latest editing credit is Chidi Ezeobi’s debut poetry chapbook, Remind the World, Poems from Prison.

Copies of my chapbooks Broad Street Line and 100 Haiku can be purchased via the Moonstone Press online store.

Some of my poems can be read in the following publications:

“Skyquake Sonnet” and “Armantrout’s Pet Vultures” in Paint Bucket

“Feed the Piranhas” in Phindie

“Etymology of a Nightmare” and “Please Speak” in Neologism Poetry Journal

“I was Gonna Kill Myself but then I Missed my Train” in Terror House Magazine

“Invisible Aerie” in Ariel Chart

“Rent is Theft” (on page 7) in the June, 2018 issue of The Bitchin’ Kitsch

Haiku in Better Than Starbucks

Haiku in Leaves of Ink

Haiku (on page 51) in June, 2017 issue of Failed Haiku

Haiku (on page 38) in issue #22 of Chrysanthemum

“With the Word We Will be Healed,” “At Whitman’s Tomb,” “Ode to Frank O’Hara,” and “Militant Throws King’s Colt,” in Misfit Magazine

“The Sodomite is Dead” in Cacti Fur

“For Now” in the Winter, 2015 issue of East Coast Literary Review

“the infinite spaces between everything” in Eunoia Review

“Milky Way” in Hamilton Stone Review

“Tanka” and “Empty” (on pages 11 and 12) in Ink in Thirds,

“To Wear Disease Around Your Neck” in issue one of Milkfist

“Jewish Boycott” in issue eighteen of (parenthetical),

“11/22/13 Camden, NJ” in the Fall of 2014 issue of Poetry Quarterly,

“Bridge of Bones” in Rat’s Ass Review,



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  1. Thanks for stopping by and following! I’ll have to have a read though of your stuff, it certainly looks interesting!

  2. Thanks for the like and follow. You’re a very serious about your humor young man (I’m 41 so I can say “young man”).

  3. HI there! You were kind enough to stop by and like my blog post earlier today – Re-discovering a long lost love – Thank you so much! I have since decided to move the post over to my existing blog, so if you wanted to visit again the address has changed – http://opinionatedandcuriouskins.wordpress.com/2012/11/08/re-discovering-a-long-lost-love/

    I really like your generic picture of a write, above :)

    Thanks again for visiting, liking and following.

  4. Heyy! Thanks a lot for the follow, I’ve had a quick look through some of your poetry and I’m really enjoying it! Can’t wait to properly explore it and read more :)
    Thanks again!

  5. Sean, your dreams and vision have a great platform from which to launch. And your take-off is starting beautifully. Thanks for the “follow.” I too will follow you, gathering inspirational stardust from your success. Peace – within and without. gwen

  6. First of all, thanks for the follow. Secondly (and much more importantly) – wow! I think your poetry is stunning. I don’t remember the last time I read something as good that relates to the world as it is now or at least as I see it, that sort of mirrors my own experience of it and puts it in such strong, evocative words. Wow, wow. Really looking forward to following you!

    1. No, unfortunately I’m only fluent in English, I used to know a little Japanese and I can understand some Spanish but I haven’t gotten around to expanding my language learning yet.

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