Destroy Yourself

trying too hard is a terrible thing

trying at all even

life is trying

power is not justified

synthesis is ignored

isolation: the most familiar

words are better off nonexistent

apathy is humanity

relevant is nothing


searching for discarded death

a pool of fiberglass and dust

keen on the senses

desperate and disheveled

leave it all unfinished…


Leftover Beer and Melting Shadows

by Stephanie Gonzalez

I am not ungrateful

designate a meaning


the fake white beard

becomes intolerable

you sound like Elvis

howling plagiarism

to stupid girls

and now old men

you deserved

your end


face with makeup

shimmering waste

trying to catch

another glimpse

softly petting

your rough hands

it doesn’t get

any worse than this

disgust and apathy

ironically mix

in this microscopic blender

there is no listen,

only hear,

I don’t mind,

I just get the job done

these sores are representations

of humility and disgrace

when did the ground become

so distant