The Third Coming  

Here it is! At our well-worn feet

the third coming lies prostrate

because the second coming

wasn’t nearly enough

the third time’s the charm

surely, the third time will fix

planet earth. Or is it merely

that the second coming still lingers

in the vast desert that is our spent world

where imperial monuments crumble

from within, when each booming sound

in the sky is a premonition of every

commercial airliner falling out of the heavens

at once. Of our very brains being stolen

out of our heads while we sleep in bed.

Here it is! The end of the world, once again.


Release Us From Your Clutch


The world is sick

The most tragic accident in the disorderly history of our universe

Our God is complicit

An incapacitated bell

Animals that slaughter each other with projectile weapons for inconsequential material wealth

How long have our dreams been crashing?

The thunder in it rings clear

Then cast us aside

As arrogant advanced apes

Forsaken by our species

The culmination of barely anything

Distraught, suffering, abandoned ones

Trampled on by elderly statesmen

Thousands of years of misconceptions

The old are propagandized

Sado-masochist insects

kill nine

kill ninety

kill nine million

kill us all

I masturbate to the thought of thermonuclear apocalypse