Wildwood Limerick

The Wildwoods are just like South Philly-

Except for the fact that they’re pretty,

But it’s the people

Who, like a steeple

Crown the foundation of a city.


urban prayer haiku

hail mother of grass

un-virgin soil saturates

with robotic tears


Atlantic City

Dirty seagulls glide by us

as this train enters the swamp heart

of a city built upon a collapsing island.

The city of Donald Trump

abandoned by Donald Trump

who crashed this kingdom

in order to swindle the gilded reins

of our Empire out of the fat-pocketed

politicians he controlled.

I sit in this public transport

and stare at the fake silver skyline

of empty skyscrapers masking

the natural abyss beyond,

sharing a train car

with cokehead gamblers

and undernourished workers.

All overshadowed

by fat pink men

all blotchy faced

with Trump ballots

on their minds

and DUI history

scrawled across eyes.

I sit and stare.

Sit and stare

at the swamp and the city.

Do we deserve this?



sometimes you have to destroy

things to make space

we live in an abandoned city

this is where my father was born

across the river my mother was born

this is how you speak

when the world

has gone

our children

are bombarded by images

will our machines

remember us when we die?


A Stampede Averted

once, while herded out

of the sixers game

at the now corporate named

subway station in south philly

the crowd got jam packed

at a bottleneck to pay the turnstile

machines and naturally our bodies

rushed so we didn’t miss the train

and would have to wait

on the dark and stuffy

underground platform

burly police officers

watched the commotion

until they determined

things got out of control

the cops shoved us back

which we didn’t mind so much

until one big pig yelled

“move the fuck back”

in his booming voice

and a collective silence rose

then broke by a dude w/ an afro

in the front who said

“man fuck you back in the day this train

was free now you gotta pay $2.25 a ride

this is bullshit man”

the guy straight up walked

past the cops like it was nothing

and guess what they didn’t beat his ass

and we went on with our nights

like nothing happened

even though something did

and it was beautiful