I place the pill

on my tongue

to dull the pain

my ancestors gifted to me.

As I swallow

the selective serotonin

re-uptake inhibitor,

I think of the moment

you touched my eyelashes

because you knew intuitively

that no one else had ever touched them before.


Your touch. I cannot say the words enough.

Your touch. I place your touch inside a vault.

Treasure your touch. I place your touch on my tongue

to eliminate the pain.


Heatwave Poems


Pink Moon Carries

forgotten, wasted years

when I was in ruins

before I claimed

to stand so tall


I lie there

letting smoke choke

perhaps I’m wiser now

but back then it was all heartfelt


the nativity scene

distracting old dreams

twirling broth

bowl and spoon reunite


I owe the pizza shop fifty cents

can’t keep my word

never could

since all of it is spent


bitten frost

subconscious droplets

pretending not to know

what it all meant


broken throat

and sore hands

city litter

formless sand