we’re bathed in starlight

the approaching Atlantic


somehow separating our future selves

tearing our vessels apart


he and I are both gossamer

compared to what’s ahead


but more so my friend

as his step is really a trot


as we are two different kinds of beings

still I feel something every time our eyes meet


in doing this we simultaneously slip on ice

then catch ourselves


I with my feet

he with his paws


and so we continue like nothing happened

waiting while walking to encounter


the vast and inconceivable ocean

although he does not see this yet but smells


the sea’s salty breath

he is content


in the sparse topography of this crest

soon we find the end of land


I hold him in my hands

against the backdrop of blended sky and water


feeling his heartbeat

and wondering if Orion’s Belt is proof of eternal life



I went to eat that food. And after I done, I go eat more. Big one give me more. Off that table. In that big room with the thing everyone looks at. I don’t see much. And sometimes others like me are there. And I go at them when they make noise. I go at them. And go at them. I keep at it. Then I want food. Like now. Big one is eating. He watching the thing. So I go back and forth. Then the one who smells sweet come in. She give me food. I curl up. And then I sleep. Big red black dark shape.  The big dark come. Clustered. I hungry. And I thirst. Then it fades dark. That was big black. It make me not feel. The big black covers all. That the thing that covers most time. Light come. I get up and she is here. She alone in the big room. I want food. I go up at her. She not feeling the big black. I go at her. She already wet. Her face is wet. Everything around her face is wet. She wraps her arms around me. And the big black comes over us together. It covers me and my browness, and her and her paleness. The brown hairs on me stand up.