German Haiku

Two of my poems have been translated into another language for the first time. A German haiku journal called Chrysanthemum has published two of my poems in both English and German.

like yamabuki
her spirit has scattered
after turning white

wie Yamabuki
ihr Geist hat gestreut
nachdem sie weiß wurde

I’ve never heard your beauty
but I know the sound

nie habe ich deine Schönheit gehört
aber ich kenne den Klang

Mother Earth Haiku

broken vines browning

along the cracked red brick wall

forgive us Mother

urban prayer haiku

hail mother of grass

un-virgin soil saturates

with robotic tears

philly haiku

birds mate early

among wooden pillars

encircled by steel


mountain, you are made

with life in mind in order

to sustain rivers