For Survival

rage at the day

through the night

go gentle even though


come cower because

of all the light

and frightened darkness


not given courage

for living


hanging onto pebbles



sensory phenomenon



flickering flame

dying all alone


the past was filled

with creatures

attracted, so bright


so many eyes upon

now turned away

trailing voice gone astray


An Amputee on an Empty Street

trailing off

patterns remain


lamenting then

falling from grace

in this eternal microcosm

take it all in-

then release like bowels

at the time of death

a cognizant but dream-like oasis

this diner is anxious ridden

a plethora of experiences

never recorded

my father is the most honest

man I know

his generation, however…


False Prophet

False Prophet, Chapter 8: Decaying Eagle

There is no progression. There are no cycles. No dogma, no perception, no light in order to guide you. There is nothing inside that you can unlock and release into the world. There is only static. Creation is arduous, grueling, all bottled up and only leaking slowly. Meaning perpetuates in the most insignificant ways. Absorb the exterior while simultaneously denying it any sway. Keep shaking your limbs. Even the animals we harvest ingest anti-anxiety medication. You shove Prozac down a chicken’s throat.

We call ourselves the sons of ages. Humanity has suffered tradition for millenniums . Why was freedom given thought only a few years ago, when people took up arms and signaled the coming of a new age; a breath of fresh air coursing through our hollow skeleton? All of that, only to forget the agenda we so heartily bowed towards, how we prostrated to justice. How admirable we were, and only to hide in caves once again, huddling in darkness. Was that you under the bed? I could have sworn I saw a bird speaking to the night.

Murder people and clone them so you can replace them and no one will ever know. You will have control. Ejaculate before you commit suicide so your children may inherit the Earth. Feel true rest in the asphyxiation forest as the molten sap melts your skin. Erase the hidden text on the binding. There is a hole in the Earth. We fill the gaps in our teeth. We root out the innocence. Replace it with night. The black that came before is here.