A Portion of Automatic and a Dash of Anger

let the grease drip from jaw to collarbone

wish that nothing ever happened in the ways that they did

unopened cereal boxes are on the front lawn for the infants to eat and then curl up and die in

humans developed this concept for the sole purpose of being self-absorbed

the tendencies can be either self-deploring or narcissistic in nature, the intent is always the same

my fingers tasted like bloody grass

on the outside, on the inside

the paper cuts made thin incisions into my lungs

I don’t know when it’s gonna’ happen but when it does

I’m gonna’ be buried in the sand with geese flying sideways overhead

there were more bars in the town we grew up in than trashcans out in the street

three identical corpses of my former nemesis lay in the same road

I don’t know what any of it means

left the hinges bare the paper trailed thin

hold the death-cake to the ear of the incompetent

I gave my brain radiation for you

when I look up

smelling a different scent

I want it now more than ever

another costly ride

the photographs on the wall

are ominously yellow with time

I’ll come to never see you again in black peace


Regret, Recalcitrance

How long does it take for you to bleed from your fingertips?

Medicine does not help dissimilar apes.

The television is right for once.

I am sorry, dad, I know you smell the smoke.

I know I let you down, I let myself down too.

I cried my eyes out so I could not see my mother anymore.

There was this metal plate pushing down on my head.

My second grade teacher did not care.

We were punished for not knowing how to spell “because”.

She did not teach us, it was ingrained.

Hey, little girl, I know that your insides hurt.

It makes me so sad to know that something could have been done.

My stomach hurts as well.

I felt your face in no one ever.

Pulled myself to touch,

held it for a grasp,

lost it all in passing.