Last Summer

we were in west philly

and your friend and

you got mad at me

because cole asked

if she went to vegan academy

i thought there was something

inside of you and rickley was

fucked up on jack and oxies

reminding me of home

although we had fun

watching connor all inebriated

and singing sweetly i felt the

abrasiveness in the air

finding our way out of the ghetto

was not easier than usual

the lights were swinging

back and forth on market

and i couldn’t keep my foot

off the pedal danger danger

was sweaty and you made a

generous donation

i risked our lives for no good reason

i urinated in your dresser and

since it was made of plastic

the acrid smell of broken-down beer

lingered longer than necessary

i couldn’t stop talking in my sleep

reflecting some horrors

i would never remember