Call to Action

Freedom derives from the Lord’s eyes, but leaves

a bloody trail in his wake. For forests burn

and plastic congests oceans suffocating

Earth. This is the greatest violence ever

seen by man. The destruction of our home-

the only home we humans have ever known.

Hunger, thirst, pollution, extinction, death

all the symptoms stem from the same bane-

a golden bull in New York drenched in black sludge.

Billionaires slyly desire escape to space

as a solution, but there’s only one road

to salvation, and it lies on the ground.

It is easy to say but hard to do:

erect a guillotine to bloody each crown.


Good Shepherd

I drove by the yellow building

where my memories are held

they changed the name

as that part of me fades

until I’m dimmer than varnish

I once placed a piece of paper

on that yellow building, it read:

“Welcome to St John’s Concentration Camp”

An angry mother with shingles and sciatica

tore the loose leaf down

“Say no to me I know you want to”

I couldn’t respond when I was young

“Come on talk to me I know you want to”

You had the weight of Jupiter concave your skin

I commended your body

haven’t had much to brag about

misogynistic tendencies haven’t gone unnoticed

so follow me if you want to