Insanity in the Empty Air

On the beach there was a large machine

shifting sand back and forth. I couldn’t bear

the beauty of the sky. I didn’t deserve

the sight of the stars. I wouldn’t forgive

myself for what I had done.


Lament aloud, don’t ask for

any signs, don’t expect



I stumbled through the sand

clutching my face as a family past.

I made it to the toilet shack, but

when I was finished I couldn’t stand

the sight of my face so I let

the urine drip

from my



It was bound to happen.



the distance between here and now is filtered through the sunlight in your eyes

where i can’t tell what is being looked at but i hope it is that one particular detail

saturn’s rings are melting away, dripping out of the sky and forming new visions

my emotions waver, but not as much as yours, you need to sleep, but you can’t

the aches are starting to diminish and those recurring thoughts are erupting now

hatred for that never-ending feeling is as much as the fear for the finishing

being redundant is a common occurrence for us, why should anything be recorded?